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If you don’t find an answer to your Orange County Tour question here, simply send us a message at the bottom of this page!

Q: Do you offer discounts for Seniors or AAA?

A: We don’t, at this time. The reason is that many of our tours are already less expensive than other companies and the ones that are more, like the Grand Tour for example, costs a little more because you are going with so few other guests. You’re not on a big bus with 50+ other people so you see more and get more time at each stop.

Q: How soon should I book?

A: If you have decided you want to go with us, the sooner you book the better! Not only are you set and confirmed for your tour but also we can then direct other guests (with smaller parties, like a single traveler) to your tour date. For example, you’re a party of 2 that really wants to do our Space and Hollywood Tour, you book for a date and another party contacts us a few weeks later and says they want to do the same tour two days after you are scheduled. If we know about you, we can ask the second party if they can switch days so we run the tour with 4 guests instead of two… that helps us for a wide variety of reasons and doesn’t inconvenience you, at all.

Q: Can I cancel?

A: Yes! We don’t want your money and, if you give us notice, we will cancel your tour with no costs to you. If it’s very last minute and our driver was scheduled for a tour that he isn’t doing because “something else came up”, we might pay the driver $50 for his day where he would have made a lot more. Of course, we’ll try to reschedule them first. If “you got sick” or your child is not well, we will refund, even with short notice. Just work with us and be fair and we promise to be fair with you!

Q: Do you cancel your tours?

A: No, we try not to. We may call or e-mail to check your availability to switch a date but, we know what it’s like to be left at the curb with nothing to do and we don’t ever want that to be our guests experience. If we ask about rescheduling, it’s only because we REALLY need to ask. IF you can’t… don’t say “we’ll just cancel” and then write a bad review because we will make it work, even if the owner has to drive you

Q: Why did I read that you left someone and didn’t pick them up?

A: We used to work with outside booking engines like Alcatraz Media and other large websites fueled by Search Engines. We never know about bookings until the guests call to confirm. On all but one of these occasions, and there have been 6, the guest never called to confirm their tour and we didn’t know about them until they called to ask where their bus was. If you book with Expedia or Walt Disney Travel or any of our travel partners, PLEASE follow the instructions on your voucher so we can be sure to get you for your tour!

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About Us

The Orange County Tour Company is a family owned business located in Orange County, California. Our Tours are created based on the criteria – “If our Family was visiting, where would we take them?”

We offer exclusive tours like our Los Angeles/Hollywood Grand Tour, our Dolphin and Whale Adventure, and more.


419 Main Street, Suite 448

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

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